About Us

Cheech Glass is a glass waterpipes and accessories wholesale company that is licensed and endorsed by the prestigious comedian, actor, writer and activist, Cheech Marin.

With our nation-wide popularity, Cheech Glass gives an established high-quality and uniqueness to our products.


Cheech Glass was founded in 2010 in Toronto Canada by an entrepreneur fondly nicknamed ‘Cheech’, who had a passion for glass waterpipes and the industry associated with it. He formed the company with the sole mission to bring high quality glass at prices that are accessible to the modern day consumer, who in recent years has come to appreciate the art in the product as well as it’s functionality.

The popularity of the company grew exponentially as Cheech Glass became synonymous with high quality, fair prices and innovative new designs. As well as boasting having the largest glass collection in the industry, the company also soon set the record for becoming the fastest growing glass brand in Canada with hundreds of distributors across the nation as well as a growing international market.

With an extensive online campaign for brand awareness, as well as working with individual stores on the grass roots level, Cheech Glass became a forerunner in promoting the use of medical marijuana pipes in the public eye. Fans of the brand quickly coined the term ‘The Peoples Glass’ as testament to its dedication to it’s fans.As well as setting many presidents in social media and changing the way the industry operates, Cheech Glass continues to bring innovation to the market in a dynamic industry that continues to grow.


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